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The State of New York has one of the most powerful legal systems in the United States. As such, its prosecutors have immense resources at hand to pursue alleged criminal activities in the state. However, if the state has charged you with a crime, you may not immediately know how to defend yourself. That’s where a good criminal defense attorney in Buffalo, NY, comes in. Attorney Michael J Stachowski has an impressive 45 years of experience as an assault and battery lawyer and drug defense attorney near me. If you’re looking for gun crime lawyers, there are few better choices.

The reason that Attorney Stachowski is a skilled criminal defense attorney includes in part due to his experience, but it doesn’t stop there. He possesses a sharp legal mind and a deep dedication to assists each of his clients. Specifically, he reviews all the details of every case and remains up to date on the changing legal landscape. When it’s your liberty on the line, the defense never rests with Attorney Stachowski.

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Assault And Battery Lawyer

Not all crimes are equal in the eyes of the law. Similarly, neither are all lawyers equally suited to be your criminal defense attorney. If you are facing felony charges, then an assault and battery lawyer can make the difference between a drastic reduction of your freedoms or being exonerated in Buffalo, NY. In the same way, the state takes gun-related crimes very seriously. So, you will want to find the best gun crime lawyers available.

Attorney Stachowski’s experience as a criminal defense attorney includes representing many people in numerous situations. His talents have helped defendants receive minimum sentences and even won cases by convincing the judge to dismiss the charges. While your situation is unique, each case involves similarities to those which have happened before. For most trial situations, comprehensive knowledge of the situation and confidence are essential. Thus, for the best defense, you should choose a lawyer with these qualities.

Gun Crime Lawyers

As mentioned above, the state prosecutes gun crimes fiercely. Gun crime lawyers have their work cut out for them to acquit their clients. Nevertheless, Attorney Stachowski has shown the mettle and intelligence needed to navigate these toughest of cases. As a criminal defense attorney, he never rests until his clients have had a fair hearing.

While the criminal justice system is intended to serve the people at large, it goes too far sometimes. Occasionally, prosecutors charge the wrong person or fail to press reasonable charges. In any such case, those who are accused deserve earnest, talented representation for defensive counsel. A quality criminal defense attorney is someone who will take the time to learn about your case. Subsequently, they will carefully assemble a robust defense.

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Drug Defense Attorney Near Me

Another category of serious crimes is drug-related crimes. In many cases involving trafficking, these crimes are automatic felonies upon a guilty verdict. So if the state has notified you of drug charges, you shouldn’t waste any time. Search for the best drug defense attorney near me, and consider Attorney Stachowski for your defense. You deserve a criminal defense attorney who will answer all your questions and learn all there is to know about your case.

If your case involves serious, felony-level crimes, you must find an assault and battery lawyer or drug defense attorney near me who is up to the task. Citizens of Buffalo, NY, have a constitutional right to legal defense. Let Attorney Stachowski represent you and fight for your interests both in and out of court. Contact us today to speak with a real lawyer and get the answers you deserve.

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